Understand your information

Each business contains many types of data, these types of data should be protected differently from both the outside and inside threat. The first step in this process is to understand the different types of data, where they reside and who needs access to them and in what form this access should be allowed. We have extensive experience in conducting company wide data reviews, creating security documentation and sourcing specialist security resources.

Protect Information

The next step is to implement controls, policies and procedures Networks. Technologies such as two factor authentication, application whitelisting, security supplier portals, clould based infrastucture may be required to adequately control information. Through our network of infrastucture specialists we can give you a greater level of security.

Verify and Audit

Once the controls, policies and procedures are in place, a rigorous process of audit needs to be undertaken to ensure the documented procedures are being followed. For example, are the monthly Microsoft patches being deployed to all servers or a few failing to patch and being ignored, has a penetration testing been completed recently or are ex-staff members accounts still active? We can provide both audit and control recommendations to provide you insight into the security hygiene of your enterprise.

Managed Complexity

A great deal of time and cost are incurred when runaway complexity affects a technical project involving integration or business intelligence. We track complexity metrics to improve code quality, reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity, increase robustness and meet architecture standards.

Security by Design

Security by design is an approach to software development that seeks to make systems as free of vulnerabilities and impervious to attack as possible through such measures as continuous testing, authentication safeguards and adherence to best programming practices. We design and implement solutions using the OWASP Security by Design principles.


We have years of hands-on work with a wide variety of methodologies, practices, frameworks and languages. We also have a deep working knowledge of HR data and systems.


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